Corporate Meditation Program

Do your employees and your business a favour: introduce yoga and meditation at work!*
*“For every $1 invested in workplace wellness, a company can expect $3 in cost savings or benefits” (University of Michigan Research Center Study)

Corporate Yoga Class

Problem: Today’s workplaces suffer from issues related to productivity and stress.

Solution: Employers are turning to yoga & meditation to boost employees’ productivity and creativity.

More than a ¼ of major US employers and over 50% of corporate firms in India (1) have introduced yoga, mindfulness and meditation as a regular practice into the work place, yielding serious cuts in absenteeism, turnover and healthcare costs, as well as a giant boost in productivity and in staff well-being, motivation and performance.

Well, not just the corporate sector actually. Military forces, schools, hospitals and professional singers, sportsmen or actors use it daily too!

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Yoga and meditation improve brain function, focus, performance, clarity of mind, memory, energy, motivation, openness to change, positivity, neutrality, communication, decision-making skills, physical & mental flexibility, motivation, will-power, emotional balance, commitment, creativity, proactive behavior, etc. It also drastically lowers the physical & mental effects of stress (2) and boost all the bodily systems (nervous, glandular, immune, respiratory, digestive…).

The result: it helps detoxify and rejuvenate the body, after a few weeks of practice only (3).

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!..

Sanasuma use the technology of Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, for our secular classes based on proven scientific knowledge. Using a base of psychology and neurosciences, Kundalini yoga has become one of leaders in developing programs that have been scientifically tested in the US with results showing changes in areas of the brain related to mood, stress, sleep, memory function, addictions, etc. (4)

Find out more about the science and the psychology of yoga (3)

“The weekly Corporate Meditation Program is a wonderful program which helps us calm our mind and energize for the next week. It helps us care for our inner self and be aware of what is going on in our bodies and our minds.  It is overall an excellent program and the whole team is looking forward to each day….  “ Guruge, Content Management and Solutions (Pvt) Ltd.

We’re not just delivering your typical yoga class!

Our Internationally Certified Yoga Teachers (220 hrs min.), are from diverse countries, and different professional backgrounds with a knowledge of the realities of the corporate world. And they can:

  • Provide an initial needs assessment
  • Deliver a tailor-made program to match staff needs
  • Recommend a program from a wide range of topics *
  • Conduct a before/after program survey, to assess program impact
  • Offer a wide range of activities, on top of the yoga / meditation weekly classes*
  • Design co-branded hand-outs for participants (all topics available)
  • Offer Wellness related IT Tools and platform *
  • Teach in various languages*
  • Train and Certify selected employees for a sustainable wellness solution in your company*
  • Offer convenient packages that include:
  • Implement On or Off-site locations with equipment
  • Arrange Desk based or Mat based options
  • Provide individual follow-up & support

* Please contact us via / +94 (0) 778 011 984 for further details. Additional charges may occur.

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Sanasuma is a trusted provider of wellness solutions for companies since 2004 (Load Star, AIA insurance, MAS holdings, Nestle, MNC software solutions, Overseas School of Colombo, and many more… Sanasuma has branches in Sri Lanka, UK and Malaysia.

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