All our teachers are qualified Kundalini yoga teachers and members of IKYTA (International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association) and fulfill the Yoga Alliance RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) 200 hour requirement.


Shaunagh has been teaching in Cambridge for the last 3 years and has now returned to live in Sri Lanka.  Teaching regularly in both Cambridge and Colombo over the last 10 years. She has a passion for life and is full of fun and laughter. She makes yoga playful whilst teaching from the heart creating a cozy, intimate and healing space, which allows you to explore your inner and outer space.

She specialises in pregnancy yoga teaching students to befriend the breath, to control and direct their emotions to find inner strength and reserves to manage the challenges of childbirth. shaunagha@gmail.com


Fiona discovered the transformational effect of Kundalini Yoga in South America, having left a stressful job as a lawyer in London. She has been teaching Kundalini Yoga for 12 years, is Level 1 & 2 KRI Certified teacher and is presently a teacher trainer in the Aquarian Academy. Fiona is a passionate and dedicated teacher whose classes are infused with rhythm and music. She uses the sacred science of Kundalini yoga kriyas and meditations to assist students in lifes everyday challenges and relationships.

Her background in the corporate world, enables her to build a bridge of understanding for individuals and corporate groups creating programs for burnt out execs looking to recharge their batteries and learn new life lessons. She also gives Gong baths. The Gong is a tool that recreates the original sound of the cosmos. This sound basically bathes the human mind and allows it to go into a very deep relaxed state of no thought, or theta wave. In that state we heal physically, mentally and emotionally. raymond.fiona@gmail.com


Kiran is an Economist with postgraduate training and experience on varied aspects related to Sustainable Development, Environment and Sustainability.

She has lived and worked in Sri Lanka, Asia and internationally. She is a corporate trainer and consultant. She is passionate about pursuing sustainability and sustainable lifestyles that has taken her on many adventures. She discovered yoga as an undergraduate in the U.K., and decades later, her love of learning, and a desire to have practical life/work tools, prompted her to do her Kundalini Yoga certification in 2013.

She is keen to contribute towards an empowering, productive, and sustainable organizational culture that provides opportunities to use both sides of our brains.


Rachel is a French national who arrived in Sri Lanka in 2006 for a 2-year voluntary mission, and never left…

She has been a certified Kundalini yoga instructor since 2013, and is continuously training since then. Armed with University degrees in Economics, Psychology, Education and a master degree in Training for Trainers, she has the background and experience in building curricula and teaching yoga, which she has been doing with adults, kids and teens. Coming from generations of entrepreneurs and working with her Sri Lankan husband for their own design company (MCN Creative Associates), she has a strong understanding of the corporate world.

She’s eager to work on giving tools for big organizations such as schools and companies, in order to hopefully make an impact in people’s lives – like yoga did for hers -, and lean towards a healthier and happier future in society. She is quite action and science driven, while always keeping a fun and cheerful approach.