Frequently Asked Questions


What is the price of a yoga class?

Sri Lanka – Usually the cost is 600.-.900 per class for group classes. Private classes cost between 3000rs and   5000rs per session please ask the individual teacher for more details.

Fiona 0094 778 011 984

Shaunagh 0094 773 022 142

What is the price and timetable for the Retreat?

The timetable and cost of the each Retreat is individually priced, please see Retreat for details.



How do I know if there are places left on the Retreat?

Best to email or

How do I book onto the Retreat?

You need to fill in the Booking Form and or Registration Form and email it to us as soon as possible. You will need to confirm payment on the registration form which can be made via our PayPal or credit card gateway on the Retreat Page. If you can only pay cash please deposit or transfer the money into the below mentioned account or contact us if you are having trouble making a payment.

How soon do I need to book to be sure of a place?

The best advice is to book as soon as you know you would like to attend the Retreat, there are only a limited   number of places.

What is the cancellation deposit amount?
Please see Terms and Conditions for our cancellation policy at condition 6.

I don’t have a Master or Visa card, how can I book?
You may pay by cheque or by transferring the money into the account of Ms Fiona Raymond, Commercial Bank, Account Number:8106016270, Bambalapitya Branch, Colombo 4, if you   are paying from Sri Lanka, if you are paying from UK or any other country please email for bank account details.

Can I pay for the course in full by credit card?
Yes. But there is a 3% charge for all PayPal transactions and you may incur bank charges if you make a SWIFT transfer from aboard.. Or you could transfer money directly into our   account, please see above for details of the Commercial Bank Account.

Can I book for my friend?
Yes. But please be aware, that you will be liable for the ‘cancellation deposit’ if they cancel. Also you need your friend’s written consent ie your friend will need to complete a booking or  registration form and sign it personally



Can a beginner attend the Retreat?

I have a lot of experience in Yoga. Is this retreat suitable for me?
Our international teachers are able to further the practice of experienced yogis, but remember this retreat is not just about Asanas, it is a chance to take the lessons from the mat and incorporate them into your life, by learning pranayamas, bhandas, mantras, mudras and meditations. We hope the combination of all of these techniques will deepen your practice and enhance your well being.

What benefits does yoga bring?
Benefits include;
physical fitness
better health
better posture
improved breathing
improved flexibility
being able to relax better
more energy

For the mind
peace of mind
more enthusiasm for life
being more creative and open to new things
thinking clearly

emotional level
more balance
less likely to get angry or have outbursts
more optimistic

other benefits include
seeing the bigger picture
more empathy for others
getting to know oneself better
evolving ones motives and patterns
preparing for the future while living fully in the present

Who can learn yoga?
Some people make the mistake of thinking that only young flexible people can take up yoga.This is not true.
Yoga can be taken up by anybody. You just need an open flexible mind. You will be guided by our teachers to go into poses to your own personal limit.

I am unfit. Can I come?
Yes. Your yoga instructors will teach you to respect and work with your body in a very personalised way to your own level of fitness and ability so that you get the most out of each class.



Where is the Retreat located?
Our retreats are held in various beautiful, natural, locations around the paradise island of Sri Lanka. Each Retreat location has its own theme and style of accommodation, from luxury  to barefoot. Retreat venues are handpicked so that you will get the most out of the natural surroundings and atmosphere of the Retreat.

I have never been to a yoga retreat. What can I expect?
The atmosphere at Sanasuma Retreat is friendly, secure and supportive . When you arrive you will step into a different world, at one with nature and yourself.

What’s the timetable for each day?
The timetable will have slight variances each day but is generally as follows:

The day always starts at dawn with early morning yoga and meditation (in a beautiful location)
Delicious tropical fruits and home made muesu, baffalo curd and green soup
Pranayama Session
Healthy ayurvedic brunch
Free time to swim, take a massage, reiki healing, cycle through the small villages,take a nap, rest and relax.
Afternoon tea and sweet treat.
Kundalini Yoga and Meditation
Dinner and early bed for an early start

I want to come on my own, will I feel awkward?
No, this Retreat is perfect if you want to come on your own. It is also great if you come with friends or as a couple but the overwhelming majority of our guests will come alone.

I’m not sure that I fancy sharing with a stranger. Can I have a single room?
All Sanasuma Retreats are allocated on a double share basis. We will match you up as best as we can with another guest. However if you want a room on your own you will need to   pay a single room supplement which you will be advised of when you request a single room.

People are surprised to discover that sharing a bedroom with a same sex stranger can be very pleasant. The unusual tropical noises can be a bit strange and it can be quite   reassuring to be sharing with a companion.

What type of people come on the Retreat?
Most people will come on their own. The types of people who come to Sanasuma retreat will vary.
They may come from the U.K. , Europe , the Scandinavian countries, America , Canada or further afield.
Some may wish to deepen their understanding of yoga while others may wish to rest, rejuvenate and have a transformational experience that they can incorporate into their lives when   they return home.

Do I have to go to all the classes and all the activities?
All classes and activities are optional.
However, courses have been well planned to give a good balance between yoga, meditation in beautiful outdoor energetic settings.
You will be encouraged to follow all classes .
However, you are asked to let us know if you are skipping classes. This is important to ensure general safety, organisation and planning.

Can I take free time to myself?
Yes, there will be plenty of time to yourself. There are many beautiful places to be alone and enjoy the peace and tranquility, to read a book, sunbathe or take a nap.

Can my partner come too?
Yes . Why not treat yourself and your partner to this transformational Retreat.

Can I bring my child or baby with me?
We do not think a child of under14 would really benefit from this retreat; therefore children under this age cannot attend.
The most important thing is that your child does not interfere with the peace and quiet of anyone else on the course.

I need to talk to my children, or my office on my mobile phone. What should I do?
Many people ‘think’ that they must be contactable every minute of their lives.
We encourage guests to separate themselves from their normal lives to give themselves room to grow and develop in a new way.
There are designated areas with telephone reception (occasionally) where calls can be made. We ask that you respect the privacy of other guests at all times.

Will I be bored?
There always seems something to do if you want to, yet many people discover that the magic of a Retreat is about finding enjoyment in simply being. Your day can be filled with three   daily Yoga classes, treatments, excursions or walks to special sites. There are always many interesting people to chat to. However, if you want to be alone – it’s easy to find a peaceful   spot in the gardens to relax.

Do you have internet facilities?
Yes. But we advise you to only make use of this facility if it is really necessary. This Retreat is a chance for you to get away from the busy-ness of your normal life, to learn a new way of   being. Allow yourself to get the most out of your Retreat, allow yourself to feel the uncomfortableness of just being or even being a little bored.

Is there clothes washing facilities at the Retreat?
Yes. Please ask when you get to the Retreat however you will be charged extra for this service.

Can I smoke?
Yes. If you need to smoke please do so away from the Villas and communal areas. Please be considerate and respect those guests who do not smoke. Please dispose of the   cigarette butts in the bins provided and not simply throw your butts on the ground.

If you are interested in changing this habit please approach one of our teachers who will be happy to provide you with a meditation to break addictions.

Is there alcohol at the Retreat?
No, we don’t serve alcohol on the Retreat.

I have a special diet, how do I know you can cater for my needs?
The food at the Retreat is simply delicious and very healthy. It is almost entirely vegan, naturally sugar and wheat free, with an abundance of fresh vegetables mainly organic, red rice   and tropical fruit freshly picked from local small holders gardens. A good opportunity to detoxify your system without fuss. Special diets cannot be catered for but it is fairly easy to pick   and choose depending on your taste from the many dishes served at each meal. We would encourage you to spend time detoxing from the foods you usually consume so we do not   encourage you to bring these foods with you.



What is the accommodation like?
The accommodation is 2 people sharing a large double bed with a mosquito net and fan. Some of the Retreat venues have air conditioning and have en-suite bathrooms. Others have   communal bathrooms however the maximum no of people would be 4 people sharing 1 bathroom. If you need more information about the accommodation please contact us



Where do I fly to?
Colombo airport in Sri Lanka . Direct flights with Sri Lankan Airlines, British Airways or a number of other operators.

Will I need a Visa?
From 01.01.12 all foreign nationals arriving in Sri Lanka for a holiday will need a visa. You can purchase the visa prior to your arrival online at

How do I get to the Retreat?
If you inform us we will arrange transport from Colombo to the Retreat. We will arrange to meet at a common pick up point.



What medical precautions do I need to take?
We recommend that you contact your GP or travel centre for advice on vaccines and medication before you travel to Srilanka. We also recommend that you take homeopathic   alternatives to harsh malaria medication, please contact the homeopathic pharmacy Helios for more details.

Any more questions?
Please either email us or contact Fiona Raymond on (+94) 778 011 984, in Colombo.



When you complete the registration or online booking form you agree to all the following terms and conditions stated on this page as well as set out below:

1. You agree to use our site in accordance with these terms and conditions.

2. Places on our Retreat must be paid in full as stated above prior to getting a confirmed place on the Retreat.


3. If Sanasuma cancels the Retreat due to insufficient numbers you will get a 100% refund on your booking.(This does not apply for Teacher Training).

4. Early cancellation of your place if made 7 days prior to the start date of the Retreat will entitle a 100% refund (less the 3% paid to PayPal or credit card for these transactions).

5. Cancellation of 72 hours prior to the start of the Retreat will entitle a 50% refund (less the 3% paid to PayPal or credit card for these transactions)

6. Cancellation of less than 72 hours prior to the start of the Retreat will NOT entitle you to a REFUND.  A refund will only be given at this stage at the discretion of Sanasuma.


7. If you have an injury or medical condition you may still be able to attend the Retreat or training using modifications if necessary. All students are required to inform us prior to booking of any chronic or acute injuries. All instructions and guidance during classes are an invitation to challenge you mentally and physically and therefore Sanasuma events are only suitable for healthy and mentally stable persons.

Students are expected to take responsibility for themselves and approach each yoga practice with sensitivity and awareness for how they are feeling mentally and physically at all times. We encourage students to be sensitive to their limitations and always stop if they experience any sharp pain or sickness


8. We strongly recommend everyone coming for one of our programs to take out a comprehensive travel insurance & medical insurance for the duration of the time they are with Sanasuma.


9.  While it is unlikely that we will have to make changes to bookings, scheduled teachers, the venue or other matters, we reserve the right to do so at any time. We will inform you as early as possible in the event that this is necessary.


10. If you have any personal problems or difficulties with anybody in the group please talk to one of the teachers so they can mediate and support a flowing relationship to be established. We all grow by learning from being in relationship with others.


11. We do not accept responsibility or liability for cancellations, delays, changes or losses caused by acts of God, war, and threat of war, closure of airports, civil strife, natural disasters, accidents or any other events beyond our control. The same applies to guests’ injuries, illnesses, medical or psychiatric conditions developed during or subsequent to the Retreat, as well as loss of /or damage to personal property of guests.


12. The Retreat is not suitable for anyone on medication for serious physical or mental conditions unless covered by a doctor’s note. Neither is it suitable anyone who is emotionally unstable. You have signed a disclaimer on the registration form stating you are fit and healthy both physically and mentally and you are prepared for intensive practices that may lead to emotional and physical releases. Ultimately we ask that each person take responsibility for himself or herself. This means resting when needing to or ‘backing off’ when one feels about to move beyond any personal limitation (physical or mental).