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KYTT Level 2 Training

Level Two is made up of five different modules that support the experience of
transformation; the instructor grows into a true practitioner of Kundalini Yoga.

In KRI L2 you reach the next level. This means assessing where you are in your
commitment to your authentic self and offering yourself up for transformation.
This journey lasts for a min of 2 years, during which you will participate in 5 level 2
modules with interconnected themes. Authentic Relationships, Lifecycles and
Lifestyles, Vitality and Stress, Conscious Communication and Mind and Meditation.
You will learn to assess yourself, refine your ability to reflect, be aware and become
consciously conscious of what you are learning.

The Course Outline

180 hours of class sessions

This includes presentations, practicums, group discussions and personal checkins. Both online and in person LIVE classes. The course is taught both in person and online in 7 day intervals over 6 months.


We host many workshops throughout your learning, both in the class and with our community.

45 hours for assignments, homework and preparation

This is where you put your knowledge into practice and we are there to guide you every step of the way. 

20 regular Kundalini classes with KRI certified teachers, outside the training program

As a requirement for becoming a KY Teacher, you need to attend 20 classes of a certified Teacher.

40 hours for personal yoga practice over 40 days

An integral part of Kundalini is to have a personal Sadhana practice. This is where you start to integrate your learnings into your own practice, daily.

Experiential Kundalini and personal reflection.

Attendance of one or more days of White Tantric Yoga or attendance of 5 rebirthing video’s or a deep meditation retreat and your personal experience of these.

Interested in joining our Teacher Training Program?

Chat to our Lead Trainer, Fiona directly to discuss your interest or fill the form below and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

Course Investment

KYTT Level 2 Course 
1800 Euro

Early Bird 1600 Euro when enrolled before 1 September 2023

Image by Andrei Alekseev
KYTT Level 2 Form

2023/24 Intake

Register your interest in the KYTT Level 2 course by filling in the form and emailing it to

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What our past students have to say

Natasha Yatawara, Meditation and Healing Guide
Natasha Profile.jpeg

I loved how each teacher embodies their own essence into the teachings - precision delivered with gentleness from Sara, deep empathy and kindfulness of Shaunagh and keen eye of Fiona ensuring everyone is on track. the course material can be a bit heavy at times but this amazing group of women will hold your hand with all the kindness in the world as you navigate yourself through this challenging and rewarding training. the lovely group of fellow students I got to connect with was an added bonus. highly recommend the KYTT offered by Sanasuma Yoga.

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